Pricelist for standard bikes
Payment for rental Time range Gross value
from 1 to 10 minutes no fees
from 11 to 30 minutes PLN 1
from 31 to 60 minutes PLN 2
per each subsequent hour PLN 3
Fee for exceeding the 12-hour limit of rental PLN 300
Fee for theft, loss or damage of bike PLN 3200


Additional fees

Initial fee PLN 10
Letter notification regarding a breach to the Terms of Service PLN 10
Bike Return in a hardly accessible place PLN 600
Removal of applied protections PLN 200
Non-authorized ride PLN 100
Leaving the Bike at a Station without protection PLN 100
Leaving the Bike outside a Station within the User Zone PLN 180
Leaving the Bike outside a Station beyond the User Zone PLN 500
Carrying the Bike via other transport means PLN 50
Ride on a Bike by a greater than allowable number of persons for a given type of Bike PLN 100
Using the Bike for commercial purposes PLN 200